8up Club

A pleace, where the creative people could meet, relax and produce. The 8up Club is a public pleace of our members, volunteers and a place for beginners or entrepreneurs who are in early phase.
The 8up Club give place to our projects.
Our Motto: The 8up Club is the engine of 8up thus if they study just for a short time about our club, the world will never be seen as before.
Our purpose is to establish a young, open-minded, creative and thinking community.

8up team


What is 8up?

The 8up is a Paralell Project Supporting System (PPSS), a social network, where members support the projects with their voluntary activities, ideas, works, financial investment or donations based on their invidual or economic decision.
The advantage of the paralell supporting system that, we can obtain market knowledge, contacts, know-how and we can find future investors, business angels to our starting projects.