What is 8up?

The 8up is a Paralell Project Supporting System (PPSS), a social network, where members support the projects with their voluntary activities, ideas, works, financial investment or donations based on their invidual or economic decision.
The advantage of the paralell supporting system that, we can obtain market knowledge, contacts, know-how and we can find future investors, business angels to our starting projects.
Not only inviduals have project in the 8up, but also there are experienced business people, companies beside the initial contractors, whom provide support with their knowledge and advices to our members and projects.

What is the essence of the 8up?

It’s a communal initiative, where smaller compaionships, students, task forces, respectively strangers from different country or culture but similar minded persons, business people, usually 8 person whom are working together for the sake of the cause for minimum 8 weeks.
The main purpose is to help and to give something worht having, something lasting. It could be a dream, a realization of an invention, a lunching of club or start-up, the development, growth of an already existing enterprise, elaboration and implementing of plans for innovation or marketing, or simply and solely the success.
Nevertheless spending of the free time actively is important for us because it has a significant role in the development of personality. The creation, excercise, civilization and the different form of the social entertainment or rather starting of a purpose, a dream or a hobby could belong to the active leisure activities.
The owners of the materialized projects will help to work out, start and support the new projects.
The 8up is open for everyone irrespectively of gender, color, religion, and political views.


Volunteering in 8up project...:)